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Home Purchase Mortgages

Buying a home? First Toronto Mortgage will get you a mortgage pre-approval or approval. We have access to several of lenders that offer a variety of mortgage products for home purchases. Although the typical mortgage requires 5% down, we have lenders that offer mortgage products requiring 0% down! We also have “B” and private lenders that offer mortgages to individuals with poorer credit scores and income. Contact us or apply online today!

Mortgage Renewals

Is your mortgage term ending?  Before you renew your mortgage with your current lender, contact First Toronto Mortgage and get a free quote.  Ensure yourself that you are getting the best rate in the market…after all, you deserve it!

Mortgage Refinancing & 2nd Mortgages

Do you suddenly require more cash in your life? Contact us, we will refinance your home and turn home equity into cash. If circumstances arise in your life which requires financial resources, we can offer you a mortgage refinance product. Our refinance product will take existing home equity and change it into money. Choose to refinance your primary mortgage or get a new second mortgage. First Toronto Mortgage will get you the right mortgage refinancing product and get you the lowest mortgage rate possible.

Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOC)

Want to have an open mortgage product and have easy access to your home equity?  If so, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is perfect for you.  It is an open mortgage product which allows homeowners to prepay their mortgage without any prepayment charges.  Also HELOC owners can draw on their home equity to borrow cash for unexpected financial situations (including debt consolidation purposes).

Commercial Mortgages

Are you a real estate investor who wants to purchase property in Canada for income producing purposes?  Our mortgage agents have experience with top real estate development and asset management companies in Canada.  We will assist you purchase the income producing property and select the best source of financing for your new investment. 

Cottage Mortgages

Are you looking to purchase a cottage and enjoy the beautiful outdoor life of Canada?  First Toronto Mortgage specializes in cottages and recreational properties.  We will obtain financing for your cottage, regardless if it is your 2nd, 3rd or 4th property.  Contact First Toronto Mortgage today and let us get you the right mortgage product for your Canadian cottage.  

Mortgages For The Self-Employed

Are you self-employed?  Are you having problems getting a home mortgage product and a fair mortgage rate because you are self-employed?  First Toronto Mortgage has a network of mortgage lenders who specialize in lending to homeowners who are self-employed.  First Toronto Mortgage will get you a mortgage and the best mortgage rates in the market, regardless if you run your own business.  After all, you shouldn’t be punished for being a successful businessman.

Mortgages For Retirees

Are you having problems obtaining home financing because you are retired?  At First Toronto Mortgage, we will help you obtain a home mortgage at a great mortgage rate.  We have a network of mortgage lenders who have home mortgage products specifically for retirees.  Let us look at your financial situation and we will connect you to a mortgage lender, mortgage product and a low mortgage rate.  

Mortgages For New Immigrants

Are you having problems obtaining a home mortgage product and a fair mortgage rate because you are a new immigrant to Canada?  There are mortgage products available to new immigrants, regardless of how long you have been in the country.  First Toronto Mortgage has access to these mortgage lenders and their home mortgage products.  Let us connect you to these lenders and their mortgage products.

Mortgages For Non-Residents

Are you a non-resident of Canada, but would like to own a Canadian property for personal use or investment purposes?  First Toronto Mortgage has many mortgage products available for you…at a surprisingly low mortgage rate.  Let us take a look at your financial situation, so we can match you with a quality mortgage product.

Rent To Own

Rent To Own is for the home buyer who has credit problems and/or a small down payment. We will find an investor for the subject property who will purchase the home and lease it to you for a set term. A portion of the lease payments made during this term will be used for the down payment at the end of the term. Also during the term it is assumed that the client will be building up their credit score. Now once the lease term is completed, the client will have accumulated a down payment and strengthened their credit score. At this point they have the option and capability to get a mortgage and purchase the home from the investor at a pre-determined price. This financing structure is very similar to leasing an automobile.